Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I've been soo naughty with the blog world!!!

I am definitely on Santa's naughty list for this blog!!! I feel soo bad I have ignored it for a few yrs now!!! I need to re focus on the blog & not so much sharing on facebook & other networks!!. We took family pictures the end of September!!! Here is some of them... :)  I will do better & post more on the blog!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

BIG news!!!!

I know most of you already know this but I have not had time to make it official on our blog until today! So with that said......  Duane got promoted last Wednesday January 25,2012 as a school  administrator!!!! We are soooooo beyond excited!!!! Words can not even express the emotions we have felt with all of this. It has been an "adventurous ride" to say the least!!!!  We can truly say hard work DOES pay off and it might not be when you want it and you WILL be tested several times through it all!!! But with a lot of faith it always works out in the end WHEN IT IS SUPPOSED TO!!!! He will make an amazing administrator!!! He LOVES working with high school kids!!! He has affected and changed so many lives for the better!!! Duane misses teaching and reality has been  hard  knowing  he will never again teach. He went to visit each of his classes last week to say "goodbye" and so many of them just cried!!! It was so hard for Duane to see  he even got teary eyed!!! That is what it is all about!! Making a difference in kids lives!!!!!!!  I know he will continue to do so being an Administratror!!! The last 9+ yrs have been amazing and he will treasure them ALWAYS!!!!! Onto the next phase of our live!!! Woo hoo!!!!!! And yes we are still doing the happy dance here!!!!!!!!! We are soo blessed and sooo very excited!!!!! p.s No more night job for him also!!! :)

" A teachers influence affects eternity; you can never tell where it stops"

 I wish I could add all 9+ yrs of pictures but here are some that show that he LOVES what he does!!! He has a ton of fun doing it!!!!

His science classes were sooo fun!!!! Always a BLAST!!! Literally! HA HA!
He has too much fun with his yr book pictures!!!!

One of his many yr book pictures!!

He was voted at school for a Sadie Hawkins dance to "Marry " the kids! So this was him dressed up for his part! LOL

 Some of his youtube videos!!!!

 is loosing an AMAZING teacher but gaining an AMAZING Administrator!!!!!! He is so very lucky to stay where he has always been!! :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

"It's all greek to me"...

Sydney performed in a play at her middle school last Friday January 6,2012. Every mini play was so funny & good the audience was cracking up!!! We came out very impressed with the middle school theater program! Each play was Greek themed!!! Here are some pictures from that night:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One of my new yrs resolutions....

Is to BLOG MORE OFTEN!!!!!!!! I used to be soooo good at keeping up with our live & blogging it! But then we added 4 jobs to our life, 4 kids who have sports, church activities,etc etc... But I will do my best to blog at least once a week!!! So this is my catch up post!!! Thanksgiving-Christmas!!!

1.For Thanksgiving we went to California to be with my parents!! We had a nice relaxing time!!! Played games, Ate non stop , went to the beach & saw some friends!! It was a nice trip!!

2. Christmas break was heaven!!!! We had the best two weeks off as a family!! No work at all , sleeping in, day trips,movies, out to eat etc. Duane &I both agreed it was soo needed with our busy life!!!! The simple things mean the most anymore. We loved our time off together as a family. One of the things we did that I did get pictures of was we went to the Magical Forest with some friends! It was so pretty & the kids had a great time!!

3. Christmas eve was our traditional evening with Duane's brother & his family!!! We had dinner, played games & did our Christmas Eve pj's!! Always a good time!!

4. Christmas day was one of the best Christmases ever!!!!! It was one of the best because it was no rush to pack up for a trip or company or anything!! It was just us!!!!!The kids all scored from Santa and had a great day!!! We enjoyed playing with all the new toys & things that they got!!! We had a nice Christmas breakfast and a nice Christmas dinner!!


Painting personal plates for keepsake

One of the dinner tables set up for our Thanksgiving meal

Played lots of games of Bowl-o

LOVE the beach!!!

Marley & Bear at the beach having fun!!


Duane & His 4 babies!! :)

Just dance fun!!

Played Just dance a lot!!!

Group shot!!

Every one Pile on Duane!! You can see his socks!!!

Ryan & Dave matching pj's

Karlie & Hunter being silly with Dave

Cousins!! Kaden & Hunter

Finally the wait is over!! Coming down to see what Santa brought!!

coming downstairs to see what Santa brought!!

Hunter got a sweet long board from Santa!!!

Sari is super excited that she got a cell phone from Santa!!

Sydney got a kindle fire from Santa!!

Samantha got a kindle fire from Santa!!

Enjoying her new kindle fire

Sari doing her stocking

Sydney with her stocking

Samantha got some Legacy high school stuff for her car!!

Legacy High school sticker for her car!!

LOL Sari excited for her Justin Bieber cd

Chargers Jersey!

Mid way thru presents....

Marley Enjoying his bone!!